work in progress

Jei D. Marcade

(pronounced [dʒeɪ di mɑrˈkeɪd])

Short Fiction

"Where Black Stars Rise." Under a Black Flag: Tales of Freeport, Nisaba Press. 2020."#MotherMayhem." Tiny Nightmares: Very Short Tales of Horror, Catapult. 2020.
※ reprint Your Body is not Your Body, Tenebrous Press. 2022.
"Seed and Cinder." Uncanny Magazine. September 2019."Communion." PodCastle. May 2016."The World in Evening." Strange Horizons. September 2015."Sounding the Fall." Escape Pod. July 2015.
※ 2015 Otherwise Award, long list
"The Flute-Maker’s Daughter." Crossed Genres. January 2010."Superhero Girl." Fantasy Magazine. June 2009.
※ Best Fantasy Story of 2009 Poll and Contest, winner
※ reprint PodCastle. December 2009.
※ reprint Superheroes, Prime Books. 2013.


Interactive Fiction

Witchcraft U. Choice of Games. 2021.That Night at Henry’s Place. April 2019.
※ reprint sub-Q Magazine. December 2019.
Trick/Treat. October 2019.


One Night at a Thyme: Spooky Season. October 2021.Homegrown. August 2020.Cryptid Apothecary. April 2020.One Day at a Thyme. March 2020.Visitation. October 2019.


Oracle Dice. (Playable minizine)"From Blood and Ash and Embers." Goblin Fruit. Summer 2010.
※ reprint Expanded Horizons. May 2011. (Poem)